Shanghai Electric Shares Good Practices at "2020 Industrial Internet Spring Campaign"
2020/03/23  EN_新葡京官网

In mid-March, "2020 Industrial Internet Spring Campaign" was live broadcast in Shanghai. The event was guided by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), and the Alliance of Industrial Internet, and jointly sponsored by Shanghai Industrial Internet Association and Shanghai Channel of the People's Daily Online. Many businesses including Shanghai Electric are in attendance.

Under the guidelines of the Central Committee and the State Council, it is imperative to promote orderly work resumption in ways that minimize impact on economic operation, while containing the COVID-19 outbreak. Against the backdrop, the campaign, themed on "Industrial Internet—Embrace an Uncertain Future", aims to solicit input concerning market, product, fund, and talent training from more industrial Internet enterprises, investment institutions, and consulting firms. This will help businesses return to normal operation as quick as possible.

The event consists of a cloud summit, two policy interpretation meetings, and three brainstorming sessions. At the summit, inside experts, investors, and government representatives would share their insights into how the outbreak influences the industrial Internet in 2020. Centering around the "Ideas to Break Through Bottlenecks in Industrial APP Development", Shanghai Electric Digital Technology Co., Ltd. shared the group's recent achievements in this regard, as well as effective strategies to seize opportunities and meet challenges in innovating industrial APP.

The Party School at the Education Center also reported and discussed the present industry talent cultivation and its future, and proposed a talent system unique to industry Internet. This means building an academic-business cooperation model that draws on respective strengths to commercialize technology results effectively.

As the first chairman of Shanghai Industrial Internet Association, Shanghai Electric has minimized adverse outbreak effects and restored work and production as planned, by leveraging its advantages in the Internet of Everything, information aggregation, optimal operation, collaboration between different areas, and remote services.

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