Shanghai Electric to Build A Global Intelligent Manufacturing Pacesetter
2020/06/25  EN_新葡京官网

On the morning of June 16, Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Parks Promotion Conference was held in Fengxian District. Mr. Huang Ou, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President at Shanghai Electric, made a keynote speech on behalf of the manufacturers in Shanghai.

Shanghai Electric has played a key part in China's manufacturing intelligence, and in building "new digital infrastructure" and "new online economy". With intelligent plants for turbo-generators and AC compressors, Shanghai Electric has developed model practices that empower such industries as aeronautics and astronautics, car manufacturing, 3C (computing, communication, and consumer electronics), energy storage, and food processing. Intelligent equipment and products allow connection with users, the industrial Internet enables services like software subscription and O&M, and a smart supply chain can create value for users throughout the lifecycle. In the future, Shanghai Electric will shape its SEunicloud into a hub to store and allocate data assets. Backed by its rich application scenarios and industrial data, Shanghai Electric will provide users with smart applications and solutions including intelligent production, networked collaboration, customization, and extensive services. In this way, Shanghai Electric will accelerate online-offline integration and drive synergy among the industrial chain, value chain, and innovation chain. With domestic manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai Electric will build Shanghai into a global center of intelligent manufacturing.


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