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Guoyue Shaoguan 2×350MW Supercritical CFB
The power plant is located in Longtangbian Village, Lishi Town, Zhenjiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. The Project adopts two 350MW Supercritical CFB Boilers. The boilers have been put into operation respectively on July 20 and Noverember 10, 2017.

The project adopts the second generation of SBWL's 350MW supercritical CFB boiler technology. Its performance, safety and reliability rank first in industry.

(1)Safe and reliable hydrodynamic force

(2)High boiler efficiency, super low emission with low cost

(3)Even wall temperature and bed temperature

(4) No transformation or abrasion of furnace inner panel

(5)Realize mixed combustion of high proportion of coal slime, gangue and other inferior fuel.

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